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  • All Natural, flash-frozen POPs - the perfect treat
    for the whole family
    all-natural fruit
    organic sugar
    pure, distilled water
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OUR flavors


Simply Strawberry

Our Simply Strawberry POP is super sweet, refreshing, and completely fat free! If you're new to POP fusion's pops, this is the flavor to try first!

Pineapple Chile Lime

Our Pineapple Chile Lime POP is not for the faint of heart! Pucker with a kick!

Sunny Citrus

Our Sunny Citrus POP will take you straight to the gulf coast for a deliciously tart treat that will have you booking your next vacation before you get down to the stick!


Our Watermelon POP has all the drip-down-your-chin juiciness with none of the seeds to spit!


Our Blackberry POP will make your tummy happy and your tongue purple... all without the hassle of fighting your way through the brambles.


We're constantly experimenting with new POP flavors, like creamy avocado, cantaloupe or strawberries & cream! If you've got an idea for a flavor, or you don't see one you love here, let us know! We love to try new recipes!


Salted Caramel

Our Salted Caramel POP has a sweet, rich caramel flavor with just enough saltiness to please your palate. Caramel lovers need to put this treat on their bucket list!

Decadent Choclolate

If you like chocolate, you'll love this creamy delight! Made from 60% natural cacao, it's full-on flavor that will not disappoint.

Mexican Vanilla Cinnamon

Our Mexican Vanilla Cinnamon POP is probably our most popular flavor. It's like old-fashioned, hand-cranked, homemade ice cream...ON A STICK!! It doesn't get any better than this!

Key Lime Pie

OMGoodness!!! Not kidding...our Key Lime Pie POP is better than the pie!

Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk

Sounds weird, but tastes great!! One of our little customers says "it reminds me of being at the beach"!! We don't question it...we just report it. This POP is sweet and sassy!

HAPPY customers

Mary-Kate - 13

"The Watermelon POP is AWESOME! It's Watermelon on a stick, but BETTER!"

Baby Shayne

Shayne can't say much yet but she knows how to make mmmmmmmm sounds over our Watermelon POP! Her mama said she had juice everywhere by the time she was finished!


Hannah - 10

Enjoying the Pineapple Chile Lime POP

Hailey - 10

Hailey - 10

"The Simply Strawberry POP is heaven! I love strawberries! Tastes so yummy!"


Stacy is going to say something wonderful about our POPs!

Lauren - 8

Lauren - 10

"The Lemon Buttermilk POP reminds me of being at the beach! It is VERY good!"


Paige - 8

"Decadent Chocolate is SOOOO good! It tastes like a fudgesicle!"

OUR prices

Individual POPs

  • $2.50/each
  • available for purchase at our store!

50-99 POPs

100 or more POPs


  • $20*
  • *within 35 mile radius.
  • Additional charges may apply for outside delivery range or dry ice packaging.
  • Cart Rental also available for large events.
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POP fusion facts


We are 3 long time friends that thought it would be fun to start an ice pop business.


We make artisan pops out of fresh (and local when possible!) fruit, organic raw sugar, distilled water, and organic milk and dairy products. We do not use artificial flavors or preservatives. We put time and care into our pops in order to be able to bring a quality product to our consumers. We like the pops because they are made with the finest ingredients, lower in sugar than many desserts, and are free from fake stuff!


Two of us originally had a shaved ice business in the early 2000's, but we had to discontinue that business after a short time due to job changes and family start-ups! We loved providing fun refreshments to our friends, family, and community, but the timing was not ideal. This ice pop business idea came about within the past two years out of a desire for us to work together again in a similar business start-up, and to bring our customers a top quality product that we would be proud to serve.


Everywhere! Our delicious POPs let us be mobile, and we love visiting new places and seeing new faces every day! Instead of making you come to us, we want to make it easy on you. We meet you where you are: schools, private parties, corporate events, parks, festivals, weddings, sports venues... We bring our POPs to you! We are based out of Crandall, Texas. You can still come to us, but it's super easy to arrange for us to come to you!


Simple. We love bringing FRESH, FROZEN treats to you to make your day even more FUN!


We value teamwork, quality, and fun times. We take pride in offering you a great product you'll enjoy... and one that will keep you coming back for more.



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